Google’s Mark Friedman at USF’s CS Night

App Inventor Director Mark Friedman gave a great keynote talk at USF’s CS Night.

Our CS 107 students– non-cs majors with no prior programming experience– presented and demo’d their Android app projects alongside the seniors and MS students.

CS 107 students Jose Malave and Crystal Ferguson show their app

CS 107 student and filmmaker Angelo Taylor

CS 107 student Angelo Taylor documented the night with this short film, and librarian supreme Shawn Calhoun contributed these photos



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  1. […] Ovaj alat nastao je 2009. godine, kao plod saradnje Hal-a Abelson-a, profesora sa MIT i Mark-a Friedman-a programera iz Google-a. Tokom 2015. godine ovaj alat je koristilo 3 miliona korisnika iz 195 […]

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