App Eliza Chat-Bot

Public domain pic of Sigmund Freud

Some great apps are beginning to come out as people get their hands on App Inventor. Robert Oschler of Android Technologies, started with App Inventor yesterday and created a chat-bot on his first day with the tool. The app he built, App Eliza, is

“just like the famous ELIZA chat-bot program relies on ambiguity to appear smarter than it is. It uses simple text parsing and matching to respond to certain key phrases and trigger words, especially in relation to feelings and family, while trying to “fake it” the rest of the time.”

It even logs the sessions to Twitter!

Robert’s take on it is this:

But the app itself is not important. It’s importance lies squarely in the fact that it proves without a doubt that you can create serious feature-rich Android applications with AppInventor in an astonishingly short period of time, including apps that use advanced powerful techniques like speech recognition and text to speech on a mobile computing platform.

The app is up for download on Robert’s site.

Nice work Robert! And nice work App Inventor team– you have built a creativity tool of the first order!