More on FirebaseDB

You may have already tried the App Inventor component FirebaseDB or read about it in a blog post earlier this year, but in case you are new to App Inventor, here is the scoop.

Databases are essential features when creating apps because they are used to store information. For example, on a map app, you don’t have to re-enter your home address every time you want to head home because the app stores and retrieves that information for you. Or, when you play a game, you don’t have to stop and think what your previous score was because it displays. Or, if you’re having a party, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of RSVPs in your head because an event app will remember who is coming and who can’t make it.

When creating apps in App Inventor, if you don’t add a database component to your app, no inputted information will be saved and the next time the app starts up, it won’t recall or retrieve any previous data. The TinyDB component allows for persistent data- so each time the app is closed and reopened, the data is available.

The good: TinyDB saves data when an app closes and reopens and shares data between multiple screens within the app

The bad: TinyDB does not share data between multiple users

This means if multiple people use the same event app, they both won’t see the same RSVP list or if they play the same game, they won’t see the same score history. This is where FirebaseDB comes in handy.

FirebaseDB is still an experimental component on App Inventor, but is worth exploring since this cloud database retains and retrieves data when an app closes and reopens and shares consistent, up-to-date data across many users. Everyone who is using the app will see the same information.

More FirebaseDB Learning Modules coming soon! In the meantime take a look at NoteTaker.


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