A TechCrunch “Posts API” App

App Inventor for Android app that talks to TechCrunch API

Jason Kincaid posted an excellent  TechCrunch article on App Inventor and his initial experience. His first idea was to create create “an application that would allow a user to monitor TechCrunch headlines for keywords, which could come in handy if a startup wanted to get notified whenever we wrote a post about them.”

He quickly was stymied, realizing that App Inventor doesn’t yet have an RSS feed component. App Inventor does have a more general web service component, however, TinyWebDB. I used it, and App Engine for Python, to code up a simplified App Inventor version of his idea, a TechCrunch Posts API Android Client.

You can download the app and its source code at the link above. The app took me 20 minutes to create.

The sample doesn’t demonstrate what a non-programmer can do with App Inventor, as I had to write some Python code. It does demonstrate how App Inventor can be used by programmers and/or teams with a programmer to quickly develop and prototype apps.