Test Your App Inventor Knowledge


If you have been reading App Inventor tutorials, discovering new apps in the App Inventor Gallery, building apps from scratch and expanding your coding capabilities, its time to:

Test Your App Inventor Knowledge!

This simple quiz will determine if you’re on track learning the latest updates to the App Inventor platform.

Question 1

You are frustrated because of the limited color options available in the App Inventor Designer, so you use:

  • A)   the color grid in the Blocks Editor
  • B)   the Make Color block in the Blocks Editor
  • C)  the Screen Initialize and Set Background Color blocks

Question 2

You have a lot of data to display and want to create a streamlined UI, so you use which of the following Components?

  • A)   VerticalArrangement
  • B)   TableArrangement
  • C)   VerticalScrollArrangement

Question 3

You want to change the shape of some Buttons, so you use which of the following properties?

  • A)   Width
  • B)   Shape
  • C)   Image

Question 4

When creating an app with multiple screens, you can use which of the following blocks?

  • A)   Close screen
  • B)   Open another screen
  • C)   When Button1.Click

Question 5

To create a form in the Designer, which of the following could you use?

  • A)   Textbox Hint Property
  • B)   Label Component
  • C)   HorizontalArrangement Component

Question 6

To create a new color in App Inventor with the Make Color block, you could:

  • A)   Input any color’s RGB value
  • B)   Access one of 16 million colors
  • C)   Find a color on the Adobe Kuler Wheel

Question 7

To make a copy of the app you are working on you could use:

  • A)  Save project as
  • B)  Checkpoint
  • C)  Export selected proejct

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