Articles about App Inventor and Do-it-yourself Programming

Here’s a collection of articles about App Inventor and where it fits in the world. Know of others? Please add to comments.

Recent Articles
Howard Wen, The Ascendance of App Inventor: David Wolber on why App Inventor isn’t just for novices, O’Reilly Rader Interview.
Hal Abelson, Mobile Ramblings, Educase
Clive Thompson, Coding for the Masses, Wired Magazine.
Igor Lansorena, Man Proposes using Harry Potter app ceated with app Inventor, EITB news
Hal Abelson, Hal Abelson Q&A, Code Quarterly (see near bottom for discussion of App Inventor)

Articles Near time of App Inventor Launch (July 2010)

Steve Lohr, Google’s Do it Yourself App creation Software, NY Times.
Jason Kincaid, It’s Alive! Taking Android’s App Inventor For A Spin Tech Crunch
Mike Loukides, App Inventor and the Culture Wars, O’Reilly Radar.

Article not directly about App Inventor but related

Clay Shirky, Situated Software (discusses situational software that has utility for a single person or group).


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