QR Codes anyone can download

When you package an app in App Inventor and choose “Show Barcode” it generates a QR code that you can use to allow others to install your app. Unfortunately, people can only install it if they are App Inventor users. This is especially problematic while App Inventor is in its invite-required mode.

There is a work-around. This screencast demonstrates a process for downloading an android executable (.apk) from app inventor, getting it on the cloud, and generating a QR code that others can download.


3 Responses

  1. Hi,

    a very simple way to put your QR code on every page in your website without any headache is following the instructions at this link: http://wikitools.ro?action=qr. Just use google translate if don’t understand.

    It is a new and complete QR code generator.


  2. After following your instructions I had some problems getting my app to install on my phone. I figured it out after jumping through some steps but is there a way to get the app to install automatically after download for everyone else?

  3. Loved readingg this thanks

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