App Inventor: “No Text While Biking” App

3 Responses

  1. code not working . because the tutorial is incomplete I feel
    there is no indication or illustration of entering “number” in the app inventor and there is no .apk to download and check even.
    tried same to same code as explained in all the 4 videos by prof. wolber but nothing happens in my galaxy tab2 7.0
    not responding to sms from any number
    please advise. and help

  2. now, I downloaded the project made by prof. wolber and that .apk I tried to run in my mobile but even though when an sms came to my mobile, it gave the message that — “generic error sms not sent”
    I feel is there any problem in my phone .? (Samsung galaxy tab2 GT- P3100 7.0)

  3. CAN some one please explain what it ment and what has it effect by the words in my mobile — “unable to create GVhelper”

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